My husband Phil and I share our passion and love for Labradors with our son, Ian.  The name “Delian” is a combination of my name (Deloris) and my son’s (Ian).  I became involved in showing Labradors with the encouragement of my husband,  we chose to show Labradors because we love their conformation, retrieving ability and most especially their lovely Labrador temperaments. They are calm and sensible and make wonderful companions and house dogs.  My son Ian is considered Chief Puppy Socializer here at Delian, he is always playing with puppies when he has a chance. My Mother (Doris) is the puppy and dog sitter when needed.

We love all aspects of life with our Labradors here at Delian ... from retrieving, to swimming, to long peaceful walks with our Labs.  Long walks in the woods is a favorite of mine.  Nothing can beat the peace and serenity of the company of Labradors surrounded by nature.  One of Ian’s favorite things to do with the Labs is take the four wheeler and have them chase him.  Of course, the Labs love it too!  We have two ponds so swimming is part of daily life.  Just sitting and watching them play is often the cause of much a giggle and laugher for our entire family.  The antics of Labradors is such a wonder and I’ve come to believe that they do everything possible to make us smile and laugh.

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My Grandchildren: Connor and Landon

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