Our deepest gratitude daily goes out to Delian Labradors for their high quality gift of Zsolt, our Scrubs puppy.  Zsolt is a complete joy; his temperament and intelligence surpass his exquisite, balanced beauty!  I even delight in his retrieval of my slippers without request!

We absolutely LOVE our boy Bullet.  It has been six months since we got him and he’s SOOO sweet.  He’s wiggled his way right into our hearts and we’d NEVER give him up.  He’s got eyes and the expression to die for and we can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have him.  He’s our boy!

Jack is very happy- we've been going to the dog beach a couple of times a week so that he can play in Lake Michigan. Everyone in our neighborhood agrees that he is indeed a handsome and well-behaved, mild-mannered perfect Lab. Thanks so much for trusting us with him.

We are very happy with Stat, thank you from our entire family. Stat has enjoyed the family camping trips with the family and friends, and playing with our daughter. His favorite person is my husband, Stat is always at his side. Stat was a great present for husband.

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  1. Bullet Loved by Others

Thank you!  Geode is doing great!  He loves hanging out with Megan and our lab Charlie.  He has just been trained on the invisible fence and that has helped a lot. He loves to lean against the couch at night for "cuddle time”. Thank you so much!! -

On occasion we have the opportunity to help someone get a puppy when we don’t have any available. This cute guy is a Scrubs son breed to Devanley’s Midnight Dilemma. His name is Devanley’s Cool Brees at Delian A.K.A.  Brees. A special thanks to the Cockrell family, especially Crews and Avery for such a great home. This is my favorite picture!!

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I received "Boone" as a surprise present for my graduation from the University of Alabama. He is perfect and a great addition to the family. I cant thank you enough. He is almost 13 weeks old and 21.6 lbs! He loves the park and still tries to pick up the biggest leaf! We love him so much and are so impressed with his calm temperament.

Rubee gets her first Christmas tree and is shown here with our children. Rubee greets the kids with wags every morning, as they get home or off the bus and is a real gem. She has recently graduated from puppy class and her personality is shining through. Rubee loves snuggling AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to all of us. What a wonderful addition to our family!

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Just wanted you to see a picture of Gus that we just took this week.  He is doing great.  We take him everywhere with us and people always fuss over him.  We just got back from Tennessee in April and we took him along with us.  He's a great traveler and no problem staying in hotels with him.

Hope all is well with you and your family including the four legged ones!

Oso has been so much fun.  One attached picture shows him sleeping on Franklin on the way home.  Franklin not's too sure about him yet, but Oso seems to adore him. He had a great night.  He let us sleep til about 4:30 when he had to go to the bathroom.  He cried a while after that, but not too much.  We've been having tons of fun playing with him.  Thanks again for everything!